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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  March 3, 2012 8:00am-9:30am EST

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and see us income saturday and sunday, 7:30 a.m. time to get you a check off your top stories in the "cnn newsroom." from cnn center, this is cnn saturday morning. it's march 3rd. good morning, i'm david mattingly. destroyed buildings and lives marked the paths of yesterday's deadly tornado outbreak. these are live pictures from paulding county, georgia, northwest of atlanta. we'll have the latest on search for survivors and victims. on the campaign trail, it's washington state's turn to weigh in on the republican cd candidates who want to be president. >> announcer: from cnn world headquarters, bringing you news and analysis from across the nation and around the globe. live from studio 7, this is cnn saturday morning.
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we start now with the devastation across the midwest and the south. these are the scenes people are waking up to today. debris now sits where their homes once stood. at least 31 people are dead. a series of tornados are being blamed for the destruction. there are emergency declarations in place in indiana and kentucky. national guard troops have also been deployed there. before we take you live to indiana for the latest there, i want to show you now an amazing piece of video. it comes from west liberty, kentucky, shot just as the tornado was forming over the town. now, listen very closely to the desperate prayers from one woman as she pleased for her safety. >> take yourself away from our home. >> the prayers were answered. she did come through that storm safety. west liberty, however, was hit
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hard by the storm. at least three people died there. some of the worst damage we've seen is in indiana. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti is in henryville, indiana this morning. susan, what does it look like there? >> now that the sun is coming up, you can see even more of the crushing damage that has been suffered in this area. and as we speak, the governor of the state is being accompanied to this area coining some flyovers and is expected to be taking an on the ground tour of some of the heaviest damage where we are standing now. over my shoulder, that's the high school in henryville that has been torn to sleds by the tornado that swept through here. there is an elementary school that is attached to it that also is destroyed. this is the home of the hornets, right? the henryville hornets. the school sign reads, our
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hearts are full of hornet pride. people aren't going to let this get them down. but the realize is, you have a huge mess on your hand, starting with you. . this is dr. glenn rich. you are the elementary school principal and you were here when the storm hit along with, what, 40 or so students? >> i had about 40 students and staff. we were in the core of the building when the tornado hit and everyone was safe, no one was injured and it's just a blessing. we praise god. >> how is it that you weren't able to get out before the storm hit? >> we dismissed the students. we had about 700 students from the elementary and about 500 from the high school that we did dismiss. they were out of the building. this was the core remaining staff and then we have a day care facility that we had those students here and we moved all of those students then to the office. we had a couple of students that were brought back because the parents weren't home. bus drivers brought them into the building and we weathered the storm, literally. >> this must take your breath away. >> yes, ma'am.
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>> and we also also that along the storm damage, a lot of cars destroyed here, including yours. what happens to the grade school? >> we'll have to take that one day at a time and i'm just very happy my children are safe and with their families. >> also joining us is the superintendent of this district. this is -- i'm sorry, monte snyder. you had roughly the same number of high school students who also couldn't quite make it home. i understand there were parts of the high school that were meant to be safe areas that also wound up being destroyed, yet these students made it out okay along with staff members. >> along with dr. rigs, the best thing that happened with this, if there is a best thing, is that no one as school, teachers, staff and most importantly students were injured here. and it's a miracle that they weren't. if you look at the building and look at the buses around the building, and at our office in
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cellarsburg, about 10 miles south of here, we lost contact with them because -- we lost radio contact, landline and cell phone contact and heard of the damage here on the tv, the radio. and had no idea the extent, whether anybody was hurt for quite some time. so it was a very, very uneasy feeling for us in the central office. and just feel very fortunate. do you feel you had enough warning? >> i feel we had a lot of warning, we had it pulled up on our computers and all that. the last part of the storm formed so quickly that the actual tornado warning for clark county came out after we released the students here at henryville and, in a way, it's good that it was. if we would have kept the students here, much of the
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damage was -- almost 1200 students in the building with the elementary and junior high together and about a hundred staff members, i'm certain somebody would have been seriously hurt. >> and, dr. rigs, can you tell us, where were the kids hunkered down? and everybody would be fright.ed by this, but how did you calm them during the tornado? >> well, obviously, there was a lot of prayer. we were in the office core. we had three different rooms in this center of the building and we were all on the floors in the building. there were about 10 of us or so, 15 in one room, i think. we did a countoff, obviously, knew who was there. the children were wonderful. any core staff that were still in the building were just wonderful. there was a lot of peace being spoken to the children and they were just fine. >> was there crying? >> no, no, no child -- there wasn't any crying or anything. everyone was very, very
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peaceful. >> very happy that you all made it out and far too early to say where they are going to be holdsing classes once they gather together, right? >> that's true. >> still has yet to be determined. obviously, there is a lot of cleanup to do, david. >> that's right, susan. and still a lot of severe weather to keep an eye on. some new alerts going out. bonnie, what have you got for us? >> we have a brand new tornado warning in the same area we were tracking earlier, southwest georgia. unfortunate we have not done with the rifts for tornadic activity for today. i don't think today will be as bad as yesterday. let's zoom into area right now. it is for central wert county and south central georgia as well as southeastern daugherty county as well as northeastern mitchell county. so it's he compassing quite a large area, including the area of sylvester. this tornado warning is in effect until 8:15 and we also have more news to tell you. a brand new tornado watch has
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been issued. just lower the camera here. you can see that's this box right here and it covered three states. so you're getting a little bit of georgia, alabama and florida now in this tornado watch box. this goes until 2:00 today. so we could start to see here some very strong thunderstorms working there way through the panhandle of florida. if you're driving along i-10, you're probably starting to deal with these storms. take this seriously. in this region, we could see a tornado drop down at any time if we get a tornado warning. here is a closer look at some of the storms just to the east of mobile, alabama. and then northward, you can see quite a i bit of a swath of storms stretching across alabama and georgia. in georgia last night, a lot of tornado sirens were going off. and now that we have the light of day, we can see the damage. it's interesting to note -- thank goodness we didn't have any deaths in this part of georgia, but we certainly did see a lot of damg. you can see roofs completely torn off the home's foundation,
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looking inside the home there. these aerial pictures coming into us now. this is paulding county. but the tornado warning is in southwest georgia currently. unfortunately, david, we're not done yet. severe weather impacting southwest georgia. you're looking at pictures of northern georgia where there was tornado damage yesterday. >> bonnie schneider, keeping an eye on it for us. the fast-moving tornados up ended lives and homes in just seconds. cnn crews are spread out across the stricken region. we'll have much more on the damage from the storms, just ahead. plus, forget about super tuesday. there's actually a political contest today in the republican presidential race. washington state is making their presidential choice. we'll look at what's at stake, next.
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i want to fix up old houses. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to fall in love again. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life. get this free travel bag when you join at which heing now stories across country where many people in the midwest and south are trying to clean up after a severe weather outbreak that tore through several states, in ohio the number of those killed is now up to three. more than a dozen homes were devoid in one town along the ohio river. a power plant that services the area was also damaged. and the national guard has been called to help out in kentucky where 12 deaths have been confirmed in the wake of
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the storms. the governor has declared a statewide emergency in an effort to help local authorities gain access to state resources. finally, in indiana, several towns have been absolutely wiped out. the southern part of the state was among the hardest hit area. authorities stay at least 15 people were killed. and earlier, we took you to henryville, indiana. that's where susan candiotti was for a look at this morning's aftermath. but now i want to take you back to a few hours after the moment the tornado hit that town. watch now this report from jenny runavich from affiliate wthr. >> reporter: destruction, devastation, disbelief. in the tiny town of henryville torn apart by tornados. >> rain, harsh winds and everything. >> what we know is we have complete destruction. >> reporter: the storms simply decimated the area. there are injuries, there is death, there is serious damage here.
8:14 am
trucks and tree necessary a tangled web of debris off i-65. a gas station ripped apart. henryville junior senior high school virtually flat.ed. the students were let out 20 minutes after the twister hit. that storm-battered school is in ernie hall's backyard. he says it was leveled in less than a minute. >> i see it coming over and i said, that is a tornado. i said, it's heading right this way, back there in the hallway and put the mattress up and prayed. >> reporter: three of them huddled in that hallway as the tornados ripped through. >> i could actually feel the wind looking at me, the roar, a loud roar. stuff up in the attic was just beating and pounding all over the place. >> reporter: they made it through the storm, but around town there are serious concerns for the missing. >> i have to go and find my mom. >> you're looking for your mom?
8:15 am
>> my mom, my brother, my dad. >> we have formed search teams and we are searching those areas looking for people that may be trapped inside their homes. zlr in the midst of that chaos, there are stories of hope. >> we have milk, juice, chips, toothbrush, toothpaste. >> reporter: people getting supply toes survivors. family and friends that made it through. a community doing whatever they can to recover from this. >> mother nature unleashed her furry on us, but we're going to get through this. >> lives lost, communities devastated, revealing images from the deadly tornado outbreak across the south and midwest. our ireporters are sharing their images with us. that's just moments away. t you d it was greek. mmhmm. so is it greek or is it yoplait? exactly. okay... [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so greek.
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we've got corporal ashley
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henson from the sheriff's department. tell us what you're seeing this morning. >> we have woken up to very extensive damage throughout the western portion of fallen county and we are currently trying to assess the damage and see where we are. >> and we're looking at some of the pictures right now. we're seeing some houses. they look like they have the roofs ripped off of them. the interior of the houses absolutely in shambles. what have you seen out there personally? >> well, we have gotten -- what we know now is we have two elementary schools that were damaged last night as well as our newly constructed airport along with multiple family residents throughout our county. >> and with those schools, this came through at a time when everyone was at home, so there was no problem with the kids being at school, right? >> right. fortunately school was not in session at the time and, you know, thank goodness there were actually no injuries or fatalities reported in the paulding county area. >> that is amazing to me,
8:20 am
looking at some of this damage. and the fact that it was coming through in the middle of the night, people probably didn't hear the warnings until they could probably hearing the wind probably blowing the windows out in some cases. >> fortunately our local news coverage was excellent. i think that gave people an early warning as far as what was coming. >> well, this from paulding county, georgia. we're looking at those pictures looking so similar to what we're seeing in indiana, kentucky, throughout the south and west. so glad to hear that there are no reports of any fatalities or injuries. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> and we're now going to join wthr for live coverage with what they're showing us right now. let's take a look. >> radar showing a lot quieter weather. i will tell you, though, some flurries across the northern stretch of the state. we have overcast low cloud cover keeping temperatures chilly, as well. it's 33 in bloomington.
8:21 am
feels like this 20 degrees currently in cocoamo. it will be a markbly cooler part of the day. >> we're going to get back to them in just a second. right now, there are some incredible images that we're getting from yesterday's deadly tornado outbreak and they're actually coming from you, our ireporters. josh levs is now in the studio monitoring your i reports. josh, i've sure you've got no shortage of photos that's going to make us say, wow. >> and one place we've been talking about a lot today is in indiana, henryville with that tornado that was there spp some of the most powerful video that was there was from this irept. take a look at this, with just west in borden, indiana. i'll tell you a little bit about this. this is from ireporter chad henson who tells us that he was let out of work early yesterday.
8:22 am
that's one of the reasons i'm comfortable showing you this. in this case, they were told to leave the office and go home and take shelter. and he set up his camera as he was driving and he got this video. look how huge that tornado is. he estimated he was a couple miles away from it at the time. and as we know, that tornado there -- stay on this for a second. that tornado there went on to create a great deal of damage and destruction in the area. and this shot of it, because it's pretty much due west, a lot bit south and west of where that was of henryville, you're able to get a pretty broad sense of just how huge it was. as we're seeing images of damage and destruction from different parts of the country, there are other elements to these severe storms that have been coming through, not just the huge tornados, but some places have had massive hail storms. take a look at this hail. >> roll the power.
8:23 am
>> stay on this. i'm going to tell what you we're seeing here. this is out of chattanooga. this is from our ireporter ted gottwald. you hear that term a lot, golf ball sized hail. but i've also seen close-ups of bits of hail people are holding in chattanooga and it is at least golf ball-sized hail. in some cases, it's larger. this just a couple of examples of what's coming in. before i go here, i want to give you a sense of what we've got on, as well. we have images from all over the country that have been affected here. i'm going to slice through a few of these so you can get a sense of how many places and how many people have been affected through yao these states that we're talking to you about today. we're seeing destroyed homes, destroyed likelihoods, destroyed roads, impassable roads. real quickly, if you want to help people, go to we have a section here focusing
8:24 am
on helping victims. if you don't have photos or videos but you want to share your story, i'm on social media all day. i'm right here camped out in the news room. my blog is share those stories, share your videos. it was taken in a safe way. david, these images are coming in more and more and, obviously, everyone has been affected this morning. >> josh, you're making a great point. safety first. this dangerous stuff. it's okay to take a picture of a tornado or video miles away. but don't do anything up close. >> and i refuse to show anything on the hair where everyone was in danger. in those cases where it was taken safely, our ireporters are everywhere. >> thanks a lot, josh. live from the impact zone, we'll take you to tennessee next to see how communities there are dealing with the devastation. stay with us. all energy development comes with some risk,
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it's 27 minutes past the hour. welcome back. i'm david mattingly. thanks for starting your day with us. this stormy day. we now go back to bonnie schneider in the severe weather center. what's happening now? >> we are still tracking some
8:28 am
very intense thunderstorms. a tornado warning that was in effect for southwest georgia has now expired. however, we can see tornado warnings issued for this part of the country throughout the day today. in fact, there is a tornado watch in effect until 2:00 eastern standard time. this encompasses quite a large area. we have panama city, hall hassy, valdosta, stretching into parts of south carolina, as well. the storms right now can produce large hail, damaging winds and frequent lightning strikes. a lot of that rolled through north georgia last night. in advance of it, this yellow box you see here, this is a severe thunderstorm box watch. even though we're getting heavy rain, this could become severe and more intense throughout the day, especially as we get more instability throughout the day especially as we get more heat building in the afternoon. currently, some of the heaviest downpours are in the panhandle
8:29 am
of florida. if you're driving from pensacola and you're heading east, you are going to encounter some very severe weather. this is a good time to plan your day accordingly and not travel if you don't have to in the southeast. good news, we're seeing some of the storms work there way through mississippi. mississippi has hard hit yesterday. however, down here, look at this in baton rouge, more thunderstorms are rolling on through. so it's still an unsettled day across the southeast, nowhere near what we saw yesterday. but with that tornado watch in effect, we want to keep everyone alert. what about further north inspect. >> the mid-atlantic, that heavier rain is coming in. even further to the north, we're tracking some intense storms working there way offshore near long island. here is where we're looking at the most intense storms right now. thunderstorm warnings popping up in southwest georgia. 95 tornado reports, 95 in one
8:30 am
day. now, with the wind reports and the strong and damaging hail, that let to an incredible number, a number that we don't see very often, certainly not in early march. look at this. we have 758 total storm reports. that is absolutely incredible. and that is something that we're going to keep in mind as we go through the day, that we really did see an incredibly dangerous day yesterday. what about for this afternoon? we have a slight risk of severe weather for today across much of northern florida, the panhandle back out to the west, south carolina up into north carolina and look at this, the area of severe threat actually stretches further to the north. so we're looking at coastal areas of south carolina, as well. and a little bit of north carolina, including wilmington. it's something we're going to keep in mind as we go through. another thing to keep in mind is is this normal for march to see so much severe weather at the start of the month? the answer is no. we are looking at the average number of tornados that we see
8:31 am
typically in the month of march. it's about 92 on average. that's for the entire month across the country. where we see the most tornados is actually in the month of may, 322. also to have such an active day so early in the month of march is definitely unusual. and it wasn't just an active day, it was a deadly day. we had large long lasting tornados that worked their way across ohio, kentucky, indiana, tennessee, a big, big portion of the country affected yesterday. today, the storm system is further south and east, not as many tornado webs but we still have that tornado watch in effect until 2:00 for today. david. >> that's right. not out of the woods yet. at least 31 people are dead from devastating tornados that have crisscrossed the country. but many communities are still searching for survivors and victims. one of the first hit areas by the tornados was chattanooga, tennessee, where hundreds of homes were reduced to rubble. our rob marciano is in
8:32 am
tennessee, one of the many communities outside chattanooga that were slammed by the storms. rob, what are you seeing this morning? >> as you know, this storm started in alabama yesterday. it was the first confirmed tornado and it made its way across the border and to this town ooltewah. the folks who live here have some pretty substantial homes, many of which have been taken down tore their foundation. across the lake, another community where we have trees and homes in some cases that are completelidy extraordinary, a number of injuries, including one person that had to be air lifted out of there. in all, 27 people were across eastern tennessee. thankfully, they say nobody died. so the fatalities have accounted for most everybody, they think. i caught up with a gentleman who lives here and this, wiped off
8:33 am
its foundation, this home here. well built home completely destroyed. a gentleman and his wife live here for about 30 years. he's a 78 years navy veteran, a fighter pilot. he was just kind of going through his stuff and getting the more memorable items. he knew enough that we were going to have another storm last night. so he wrapped up his most precious items so they wouldn't get damaged by the rain that came through last night. that was smart. here is what he told me about his experience yesterday. >> definitely thank the lord for sparing as many people as he has and i know that these things can all be replaced. but like everybody else here, it's going to take a while, a lot of people in construction to help out. >> and a lot of people are helping out. you can hear the buzzing of
8:34 am
chainsaws. as i speak right now, i'm looking at the power company trying to string lines not necessarily to this place, but to connect other communities that aren't so banged up. but this one right here is and we've got over 20 homes completely destroyed, over 100 homes with significant damage across this part of the chattanooga area. david. >> that's right, rob. just so much damage and the repairs just now beginning. this is going to be a story that's not going to go away for a long time. well, on to politics now. we are just three days away from super tuesday. but there's actually another important contest that takes place today. it's the washington republican caucus. cnn political editor paul steinhauser joins us now. paul, in normal election years, we wouldn't be talking this much about washington. why has it become so important this time? >> it's all about timing. it is become ago play in the battle or the republican nomination.
8:35 am
listen, 40 delegates developly add stake in these caucuses today. much more than that, momentum is up for grabs. this is the last contest before super tuesday, aus mentioned. just three days away when ten states will hold primaries and caucuses. for the candidates, they can't emphasize enough how important washington state is. take a listen. >> encourage you to make a big difference. you have an opportunity. everybody is focused in on super tuesday. but you are the voice. you are the voice that's going to speak loudly before super tuesday and put this race on a whole other plane. >> there are going to be a bunch of states that are going to make their mind up in the next couple of days. but you guys are first, and so your voice is going to be heard. >> the candidates hope to finish strong in washington state. you saw all four candidates, all four of the republican presidential candidates campaigning in washington.
8:36 am
>> it's all about momentum at this point, isn't it? this close to super tuesday, they want to say i have the momentum behind me. >> exactly. and talking about super tuesday, it's interesting, three of the candidates today will be in ohio. s santorum, romney and gingrich. ohio is probably arguably the most important state. rick santorum at one time had a solid lead, but that seems to have disappeared and basically all knotted up between santorum and romney. a lot of business coming up over the next couple of days as we head over to super tuesday. >> you have to happened it to these candidates. they manage to keep it interesting. >> no doubt. there is a lot of drama in this battle for the mom nation. >> thank you. paul steinhauser, up next. a middle school band talking, seriously. we'll explain after the break. but before we get to that,
8:37 am
it's time for travel insider. @as cnn reporters and producers, we often have the inside scoop on great places to go. our white house correspondent, brianna keilar, shows us where she goes to unwind. >> i'm brianna keilar and i cover the white house for cnn. one of my favorite places is old town alexandria, virginia. you can come and get a great meal, do a little shopping and even get a history lesson. this is, after all, the hometown of president washington. you can find the grave sight of his personal physician, james drake. it's a little spooky. but i say we get out of here and go find some other spirits. >> this is one of my favorite places in old town to end the evening. it's completely unmarked the t and the blue light means that
8:38 am
they're open. you can just knock on the door and come on in. when you get upstairs, you might be lucky enough to show up on a night where todd, the owner and bartender here, is here to mix you a drink. so what are we having tonight? >> i don't know. what are you in the mood for? rum, vodka, gin? >> let's try gin. >> this is a fortified wine from france. put a little dash of gin to give it a bit of a backbone, orange sour water. stir 30 or more times, not that i'm counting. smack it. wave it. to the cocktail gods. sweet basil. >> that's amazing. >> thanks very much. >> cheers from old town alexandria, virginia.
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this morning, many residents throughout the midwest and south are waking up to this. destruction left behind by a slew of tornados that nearly wiped out several towns. at least 31 people have been killed. we have crews on the ground in the hardest hit areas. we're monitoring the situation for you to bring you the latest. checking a few other top stories at this hour, the attention of the republican presidential race shift toes washington state caucuses today. 40 delegates are up for grabs. it comes just three days before super tuesday.
8:43 am
voters will also be taken part in a nonbinding straw poll. and washington's caucuses are open, meaning democrats and innocents can participate as well as republicans. family and friends will gather today to remember daniel parmertor, one of three teenagers killed in a school shooting this week at chardon, ohio. two others were hospitalized while another was grazed by gunfire. chardon students reopened the schools yesterday with a moment of silence. grief counselors were on campus. bp says it will pay nearly $8 billion to settle claims related to the worst oil spill in u.s. o'hare. a group representing the plaintiffs say the amount will, quote, fully compensate the victims. the oil rig was operated by bp. 11 people were killed in that blast. every day, people do wild
8:44 am
and controversial things. you know, those what were you thinking moments? those things often go viral. so every saturday we're going to be breaking down the psychology of it all. relationship expert and psychologist dr. hart joins me now. first, though, i want you to take a look at this video. let's roll that video. and this was from a crew from affiliate wdrb in louisville. they taped this. they were at a gas station shooting video of a tornado that devastated henryville, indiana. now, clearly, the tornado wag barreling down on them. but instead of immediately taking cover, they shot this video. it's something we often see during severe weather. just the last hour, we spoke to a professional storm chaser who gets very close to these very dangerous storms. i've done this miss. why do people do this? i'm interested in your
8:45 am
professional opinion. >> it's the thrill of the chase. it's exciting. it's blind optimism that and you get so focused on the adrenaline that you can get video and capture something and show it to the world. >> can that briend you to the risk you're taking? >> absolutely. you're not even focused on your surroundings. your adrenaline is pumping. it's a sense of adventure. it's why people drive fast and they're hoping to get on cnn. >> we were talking about professionals who do this and there's a lot of amateurs that do this, as well. i've spoke to people who were outside shooting spectacular video and i say to them, at any time, don't you think you should have taken shelter? >> when they're focussing on capturing this video, they're not thinking about safety. it's why we play the lottery, knowing that we're not going to win. it's profitable. a lot of people do this for money, hoping that the video goes viral. it's when your focus and your purpose is -- it's like being in
8:46 am
a zone. you don't focus intensely, you don't focus on pressure or timing. you're just focusing on the tornado. >> i might want to argue with you. i don't think profit comes into it, with these people just seeing that right in there in front of them at the moment. that's true. >> changing the subject, this story sounds like a sequel to "foot loose." there's a middle school that's trying to ban talking. listen. >> we have, actually, a very structured protocol in place. when it's time to dismiss, the students are lined up, single file, one behind the other and the teachers escort them from class to class. >> come on, no talking in the hallway? it seems to me that's impossible. what could they possibly accomplish with that? >> i'm going to have to disagree. this is a school that was on the failing list. if there's no structure and there's no order and there's no
8:47 am
discipline, she's going to lose control of the school. i'm gegs that the principal's strategy is to put some type of order and discipline in the school and allow them to earn the right to talk in the hallway. >> so maintaining control of that five or ten minutes or whatever they have to change classes is one of those last untested areas where they haven't been able to insert discipline? >> absolutely. this is when bully, fighting and skipping is occurring and they're getting distracted from the lesson. she only has a couple years to turn this school around. i guarantee towards the enof the year she'll allow them to earn it and then the school will have structured discipline and order and then education can occur. >> it's making a lot more sense now that you explain it like that. let's end this on an aspiring note. people shaving their heads for a cause in ohio. some elementary school students went bald to support their friend who is fighting cancer. this isn't an easy thing to do for young people because appearance means everything.
8:48 am
but do events like this do more than just raise money? is it actually helping these kids deal with the problem their friend is having? >> absolutely. you cannot image the stress, especially for girls, with losing their hair and feeling different as far as cancer is concerned. the fact that the student would come around, his friends would do this in support means all the world. >> well, that's very interesting. i mean, you see these kids doing these things, you never think about the deeper meaning behind it. so good for them and good for them helping themselves. >> sh should be applauded. now he feels connected and part of the school, he doesn't feel different. >> okay. thank you very much. >> thank you. we're going back now to bonnie in the severe weather center. something new happening, upon snee? >> that's right, david. we have a new tornado warning and it is, once again, for southwest georgia. a tornado has not been spotted by a weather spotter, but it has been detected on doppler radar. the tornado warning is in southwest georgia and that is taking us all the way into
8:49 am
northeastern decatur county, northwestern grady county and southwestern mitchell county. this goes until 9:00 this morning. we've seen a developing tornado detected by the radar at mt. pleasant. it's moving east at 35 miles per hour. if you're in this region, you'll want to take cover now because a tornado could drop down at any time with this strong storm system. this is part of a big storm system we're watching for the rest of the morning and into the afternoon. you can see severe thunderstorms. this will go until 2:00 today. david, that means we run the risk of tornados anywhere in this vicinity straight through 2:00. but we're seeing severe thunderstorms popping up. as you can see from west to east, from louisiana all the way to georgia and back out northward towards virginia. some of those storms are
8:50 am
stretching as far as virginia. severe thunderstorm watch box constituents into north carolina, even further to the north, in filling fill we're starting to get some rain, northern new jersey. it's staying north of new york city at this hour, but expect some of that to move in for you later on. ask believe it or not, it's still feeling much like winter, of course, in the northeast and new england. that's where the storm system is producing some more of a cold rain than anything else. back to you. >> but still hours to go on that severe weather. thanks b with bonnie. we'll be keeping an eye on it. some tornado survivors say they may have lost everything, but they feel lucky to be alive. they are telling us what it's like to live through a monster storm that tore up everything in its path. that is coming up straight ahead. but first, when snowboarders first hit the slope, they got new equipment. but now there's new equipment hitting the slopes.
8:51 am
reynolds wolf has the story. >> albert mendosa grew up with a love to ride. >> i come from a background open going sideways. so when inspiration hit him, it hit quickly. >> when i was a kid, we had one inner tube for like five kids. jump on it, pop. there it goes. there were some cans smashed around. they stick on to your feet. i would run and try to slide with those. he teamed up with an avid snowboarder who had just sold his own skateboard company. they started dual snowboards. it's a hybrid of snowboarding and skiing. >> one of the biggest disadvantages of snowboarding is how to your legs lock together? this gives us a whole new set of tricks you can do, a whole new
8:52 am
freedom of doing spins and back up and over and over. >> the duals might look strange and take some getting used to, but in the business of action sports, albert and scott say they're giving athletes what they want. >> we're in southern california and we have everything. we have snow, surf, the mountains. the kids are still looking for something to do. it opens up new possibilities and new way toes ride. >> reynolds wolf, cnn. my wife and i have three wonderful children and they make my life just perfect. we were having too much fun, we weren't thinking about a will at that time. we were in denial. that's right. [ laughter ] we like our freedoms, but at the same time we have responsibilities to the kids and ourselves. we're the vargos and we created our wills on legalzoom. finally. [ laughter ] [ shapiro ] we created legalzoom to help you take care of the ones you love. go to today and complete your will in minutes. at, we put the law on your side.
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for the second time in less than a week, parts of the south are wake up to nearly unbelievable devastation. killer tornados ravaged entire neighborhoods one after the other and crumbled homes like match sticks. the death toll is now 31 from friday's storms. here is a look at some of the destruction few there will ever forget. >> everywhere you look, there's a story like this. a mobile home completely flattened, a bus into a building, just major damage everywhere in this area. >> everything was beaten around our heads. thank god we made it. >> i looked up and i was talking to my daughter across the street. i looked up and i seen debris
8:56 am
everywhere. and the next thing you knew, i thought, i thought it was a dream. >> be careful. >> there's gas leaks. the houses are completely demolished back there. >> the building shook. the lights went off. the noise is incredible. and it passes by right in front of us. >> golf ball sized hail. i can't honestly tell you what's going on. >> it was like you were on a waiting scale. and the next thing i know, i'm pushing tables, refrigerators, freezer, whatever i had on me off of me. >> and it just seemed like my
8:57 am
house was listed up and then it just dropped. glass was every place. and while i was under the table, i said, lord, make this pass. and it did. >> just the scope of that, it's so hard to take in this morning. people in indiana and georgia are waking up this morning to see the devastation left behind by an outbreak of tornados. our live team coverage continues at the top of the hour. stay with us. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get my car back. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life. get this free travel bag when you join
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first light has brought a startling look at the damage across the midwest and the south. this is now new video from paulding county, georgia, just northwest of atlanta. it's just one of the many communities torn apart by the tornados. at least 31 people are dead in indiana, kentucky, ohio, and alabama. before we take you live to indiana for the latest there, i want to she you an amazing piece of video. this comes to us from west liberty, kentucky, shot just as the tornado was forming over the town. listen to the desperate prayers from one woman as she pleased for her safety. >> by god powers in your son's name, take yourself away from our home. >> her prayers were answered for that immediate area, but west liberty was hit hard by the storm, at least three people died there. there's a state of emergency in effect in kentucky right now.
9:02 am
national guard troops have been mobilized to help some of those in the devastated communities. joining me now on the phone in frankfurt, kentucky, is kerry richardson, spokesperson for governor steven brasheer. what are you seeing right now for these communities and what's your biggest concern? >> david, what we're finding this morning is one-third of kentucky's counties have reported damage from tornados in the past 24 hours. it's been a terrible time for the citizens of kentucky and the damage has been widespread from parts of northern kentucky, eastern kentucky, along the ohio river. we are seeing damages in lots of places. governor steve basheer and lieutenant governor jerry abramson with both traveling the state today, taking a look at the damage, visiting our shelters and determining what sort of assistance we need to help communities get whack back on their feet. at this point, we have national guard troops on the ground in five counties that have been
9:03 am
heavily damaged to assist with security, with clearing roads, with checking on the security of our citizens. it's going to be a very difficult few days coming up. and we appreciate the assistance that we've received, not only from our citizens, but also from the media, frankly. the assistance that we've had from your teams to warrant our families and warn our communities was a help to get the word out. >> well, in terms of getting you more help, what do you need right now? >> at this point, we're still trying to gather that sort of information. if people feel compelled, then we would encourage them to contact their local red cross agency or to donate to the overall organization. those sherlts have been set up throughout kentucky. for the next day or two, we're going to be determining what sort of immediate needs we have. we have four shelters set up statewide and they will be meeting the needs of shelter, food, clothing in the short-term. but, really, this is going to be an ongoing process for the next
9:04 am
couple of weeks. >> now, carrie, when you have something so big, the devastation so widespread, where do you possibly start? i know you're in the evaluation state stage right now, but based on past experience, what have you got to get first to the people? >> well, unfortunately, david, we have a great deals of experience with these sorts of situations in kentucky. for four years, we have had ten federally declared disasters, everything from ice storms to flash floodings. unfortunately we are well versed in assessment in our counties and our communities and making sure they have what they need. the first priority, of course, is life preservation 37 we want to make sure our citizens are safe, that injuries have been attended to.
9:05 am
we will take a look at the monetary damage to infrastructure. we will determine if we wouldny thresholds to receive federal assistance. now, as early as thursday, governor steve bashir received a phone call from president obama to make sure that we had what we needed and to pledge his support for federal assistance when that is going to be needed. so our federal partners have been on point with this, as well. we have very strong relationship wes fema. we have a good local emergency management assistance. kentuckians are resilient. we're going to pull through this. >> speaking to the governor of kentucky, and we wish you the best. you are right about resilience. i'm a kentucky native, so i know exactly what you're talking about there. best of luck to you as we go on these next couple of days. the worst of the damage we've seen is, however, in indiana.
9:06 am
in henryville. the local high school and elementary school were demolished. you can see that buses were tossed around like child's toys. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti is in henryville this morning. susan, every time you go to cover something like this, there's something that we walk away with. some sort of image. that says i cannot believe the power of this storm. it seems like you have a lot of those opportunities right there. >> absolutely. especially now that the sun is coming up. so one of those images is trying to picture about 80 students or so and we are told by it is authorities haas has been pulled through the storm by hiding, was in the administrative offices of the high school and the elementary school that you see behind me or at least what's left of the school that you see behind me. how those youngsters made it through what had to have been a terrifying experience according
9:07 am
to one of their principals with a lot of prayers. and then we also hear the story about a diner that is a very short distance from here where several people hid downstairs in a basement to ride out the storm so that there would be safe. their homes, as it turned out, was just fine, but the diner was destroyed. not only that, you had the one-two punch here. the tornados as well as hail the size of softballs that pounded this area around here, as well. late last night, we talked with representatives from the indiana state police as well as from the local sheriff's office who told us how hard hit this community is. >> we have whole communities in whole neighborhoods that are completely gone. and then somebody mentioned to me before where it's almost like they just dropped a huge nuclear bomb here and everything is gone.
9:08 am
>> we're going to come out on the other end very well. i firmly believe that. it's such a systemic process that we need to do. it's so hard because of all the miles we have to cover. >> and talk about another image, a 20-month-old baby found in a field. they didn't know who it was. a little girl. she was air lifted to a hospital in louisville, not that far from here, and she is being treated. last we heard, in critical condition, but she hadn't been identified. at this hour, the governor of the state mcdaniels touched down and he is currently taking a tour of the area and they hope to talk with him. david. >> the more pictures we see, the more it's amazing that the
9:09 am
casualties are not greater. >> a lot of them have lived there long enough to remember a similar tornado back in 1974. and they're saying that it is, indeed, remarkable that every death is a horror story, of course, for the families and those who love them, but they are amazed that the fatality complex, frankly, isn't much prior. but remember, they are still going house to house here to make sure that everyone is accounted for, david. >> and let's hope it does not get worse, susan, thank you for that report. severe weather continues in parts of the country. we'll check back in with our bonnie schneider who is tracking the storm. we'll do that right after the break. stay with us.
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
we're looking at live pictures out of paulding county, georgia. more damage from these severe storms that continue to march across the country. just this week alone, we've seen two rounds of deadly tornado outbreaks. meteorologist bonnie schneider joins me in the cnn weather center. are we going to catch a break here? i mean, it's just been going on
9:14 am
all morning. it just hasn't stopped. >> no, it hasn't. and looking at those pictures areas north of atlanta where we saw tornado warnings last night, marietta, i know sirens went off. a lot of people are frightened to hear that. i want to draw your attention to the video. you can see one home completely demolished. you can see the roof of a home that's unaffected by these storms. so that's really the randomness of tornados, the vortex can touch down on one home and completely miss the one next door. so it's hard to know whether or not your home will be impacted by a tornado. but i can tell you this. if you're under a tornado warning, you always want to take that seriously and take cover. make sure you have your noaah weather radio turned on and be prepared to go to the most interior room of your home, your basement, ideally. the problem is in the south, we don't have a lot of basements here. >> the storm popped and skipped through paulding county, leaving some areas virtually untouched
9:15 am
and hitting other homes hard. we'll be back shortly we hope. reporting live from news chapter 2 -- >> you just heard the pilot of the helicopter taking those aeri aerials, pictures describing what i was just talking about. how you can have one home impacted and the other across the road completely fine. it's difficult to know where a tornado will hit so you always want to make sure you're prepared. we have a tornado watch, and this stretches across parts of alabama, the panhandle of florida, back into georgia. but this time, it's the southwestern part of the state. last night, we were looking at north georgia where we had roswell, alpharetta, but now it's to the southwest of the state. albany, tallahassee & in florida and up into south carolina, you're under a tornado watch, as well. you can see some of the strong storms working our way back towards alabama improved a bit. we are seeing it here. so you can see one area here right now working through the
9:16 am
panhandle where they have that severe weather. stretching further to the north and the east, we're tracking some strong storms working there way across the mid-atlantic. these are getting more intense. keep in mind if you're in virginia and the coastal areas, you're going to deal with heavy rain. light to moderate rain in pennsylvania, it's not moving too bad right now. but i mentioned the carolinas getting impacted. let's take a look at some pictures now, north carolina, we can snow you some -- what it's been looking like there and you can see plenty of damage and debris across much of this region. so many people not only were their roofs completely tornado off, but vehicles were flipped over. vehicle is one of the worst place toes be in a tornado. i know you think, oh, it seems safe, i'm inside something. but a tornado can lift a car right up off the road and we've seen in a lot of video, it can flip it over and jam it into your house and that's when we can also have damage. homes are damaged here in north carolina. there across the south. when you look at where the
9:17 am
tornados went and you can see this video in north carolina, some very large homes there look like they're pretty poorly damaged. you about it wasn't just north carolina pd. we had reports of tornados across much of the midwest, into the south. it was an unbelievable day. particularly for early march when we would typically see an outbreak like this happen, maybe in may. not even. 95 reports of tornados yesterday. 95. a total of 758 reports of severe weather, david. this was an incredible day and, unfortunately, today we still run the risk of severe weather. i don't think it will look like this when it's all said and done. but it doesn't matter. it takes one tornado to impact you. if you were under a tornado watch, keep that radio turned on, keep cnn turned on and we'll keep you up to date if a tornado is issued for your county. >> stay tuned, stay vigilant. now google is changing the way it gathers information about you. is there anything you can do to protect yourself?
9:18 am
mario will have some tips. but first, coming up, this week on the next list, meet the sounder of an economic initiative that serves 60,000 people in some of the poorest communities in kenya. >> i founded communities group to empower the people by sharing knowledge. and also providing platforms of people to parade their talent. my thinking was that that was another way of breaking the vicious cycle. ♪
9:19 am
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more live pictures to show you, these coming from paulding county, georgia. damage to homes in that county, roofs blown off, all sorts of damage around there. this, severe storms have moved through hours ago. very similar scenes we're seeing over literally half the country this morning. these pictures now from charlotte, north carolina, looking very similar. these storms dropped out of the sky, did all sorts of damage
9:23 am
over multiple states. everyone now in the morning just beginning to assess the damage and figure out where the greatest needs on to send the most help right now. so a lot, a lot going on this morning. and we'll get back to that for you in just a couple of minutes. this week, google changed the way it gathers information about those who use its products. google's new privacy policy has many concerned about how that information is going to be used. so now hln's digital lifestyle expert mario armstrong joins me from new york with all the answers. i've got to know this first. who is going to be impacted by this? is it anyone who does a search on google? >> well, that's a really good question there, david, because that kind of clears the air a little bit right from the beginning. anyone that's already searching on google is being -- excuse me. is being tracked to some degree already through their searches. however, if you're using
9:24 am
google's free apps, that could be gmail for their e-mail, google maps, photo sharing, youtube, even, all of these different sites, you can now be tracked across all of these different free services if you are signed into any of those. so, for example, if i'm on youtube and i do a search for a product, later that day if i'm signed into my gmail act, which is their e-mail, i may see an ad for that same product show up later. >> and facebook has options where you can opt in and out of different levels of security when it deals with your friends or people on facebook. do you have similar options to deal with google when they're watching what you're doing there? >> yes and no. this privacy policy goes across all 70 or so of their google products. so the first thing i think people should do is go to this is kind of your catch all of all of the different google products you may be signed up
9:25 am
with. some of these, you may not remember that you signed up with before. in that dashboard, david, you can make some changes to some of the settings. but by and large, the bottom line is this privacy policy says if you're using google products and you're signed in, we'll be able to track some of those movements throughout those products. >> okay. mario, i'm not so sure you put my mind at ease, but the information is helpful. >> yeah. i don't think i can put it any -- it kind of is what it is. with these free apps, we're paying for the apps with our privacy. there are a couple of quick steps. one, go in and remove your web history. go to and that can remove some of what can be tracked about you. so there are steps we can take, but we have to understand exactly what happens. >> great. thanks so much, mario. and now we're going to have to get back now to our tornado coverage. some more live pictures. these coming in from paulding county, georgia, a helicopter
9:26 am
shot. you can see this neighborhood, how the storms seem to drop down, hit a few homes and go up and knock over other places. these pictures here from henryville, indiana, a lot of this looks so similar everywhere we go and the story is going to be very much similar today. people trying to put their lives back. look at that house. that's amazing. that house looks like it was wiped completely off all the way down to the foundation. that might be the cellar underneath it that we're looking at there. that is absolutely amazing. but we will have much more of this as we continue this morning. much more tornado damage to look at and the relief efforts to talk about. we'll be back with you shortly. stay tuned. stay tuned. it could be very abrasive. if the surface gets abraded, it's just the environment that bacteria likes to nestle into and they can cause the odor. your denture needs to be cleaned gently on a daily basis.
9:27 am
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good morning. i'm meteorologist bonnie schneider. we are tracking tornados in


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